Skin Tracker Skin Tracker Skin Tracker


Skin Tracker is an iPhone application that allows you to track the condition of your skin and determine what combination of factors improves or deteriorates your skin condition, allowing you to identify what works for your specific skin type.

Skin Tracker can be used to track all types of skin conditions:

*eczema, acne, dry or oily skin, cellulite

*or a simple rash of unknown cause

*or it can simply track the improvement of skin tone or clarity when using a new product.

Everyone has experienced a change in their skin condition at one time or another. It is a well known fact that skin condition fluctuates with time, what people eat, drink, other conditions they may have, menstruation cycle, medications used or other products that come into contact with skin.   It can also change with stress and sleep pattern. 

Use Skin Tracker to find out what works for you!

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